Notable Cases

Courthouse - Denver, Colorado securities litigation


Over the past twenty years, Mr. Berens has had exceptional success in prosecuting shareholder, consumer and employment class actions as Court-appointed lead or local counsel.  Below is a sampling of some of his more notable cases.

Winslow v. BancorpSouth, Inc., Case No. 3:10-cv-00463 (M.D. Tenn.) ($29.25 million recovered)

In re Tele-Communications, Inc. Sec. Litig., Case No. 97CV421 (Colo.) ($26.5 million recovered)

Rasner v. FirstWorld Comm’ns Inc., Case No. 00-K-1376 (D. Colo.) ($25.925 million recovered)

Muhr v. Transcrypt Int’l, Inc., Case No. CI98-333 (Neb.) (approximately $25 million recovered)

In re Molycorp, Inc. Sec. Litig., Case No. 12-cv-00292-RM-KMT (D. Colo.) ($20.5 million recovered)

In re ICG Comm'ns Sec. Litig., Case No. 00-cv-1864-REB-BNB (D. Colo.) ($18 million recovered)

In re Rhythms Sec. Litig., Case No. 02-cv-35-JLK (D. Colo.) ($17.5 million recovered)

Toothman v. One Stop Wireless of America, Inc., Case No. 98CV931 (Colo.) (approximately $11 million recovered)

Angres v. Smallworldwide PLC, Case No. 99-K-1254 (D. Colo.) ($9.85 million recovered)

Zametkin v. Fidelity Management & Research Co., Case No. 1:08-cv-10960-MLW (D. Mass.) ($7.5 million recovered)

Croker v. Carrier Access Corp., Case No. 05-cv-1011-LTB-OES (D. Colo.) ($7.4 million recovered)

Yu v. State Street Corp., Case No. 1:08-cv-08235-PAC (S.D.N.Y.) ($6.25 million recovered)